Services and Features A list of our services and just a few of the features that we offer


  • Website Design and Building
    • We work directly with you, our client, to come up with a website that fits not only your needs but your personal style or business branding.  We take the time to personally meet with you (whenever possible) so that we can get a complete understanding of exactly what you’re looking for.  We’ll go over all of the details of your website; layout, color scheme, what pages you need, contact form options, ad space, social media connections, etc.
  • Domain Registration/Transfer
    • If you don’t already have a domain name (, we’ll take care of getting that set up for you.  The domain name is one of, if not the most important aspects of your new website. Unfortunately, there are a lot of websites out there and the domain you want may not be available.  If that happens, we’ll help you come up with alternatives that are available.  We will also offer tips and suggestions for coming up with an effective domain name.  If you already have a domain name but want to transfer it to our domain registrar, we can take of that for you, too.
  • Website Hosting/Transfer
    • Our websites are hosted on some of the best servers in the industry.  The servers we use have a 99.9% uptime average.  Why is that important?  If your website is hosted on inferior servers, they have a tendency to crash or go offline from time to time, sometimes more often than not.  When that happens, your customers can’t access your website, meaning potentially lost revenue for you, especially if you have a site where your customers are ordering your products directly from your site.  Not to say that the servers we use never go down, because, as with all technology, there are always glitches, power outages, etc., but we always work to minimize any downtime and will always try to keep you informed of any issues that may be affecting your site.  If you already have a website that hosted somewhere else, we prefer to have it moved to our hosting servers.  This is not required but suggested.  We trust the servers that we use and some of the web hosting sites like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and others, sometimes make it difficult for someone else to take over the administration of an existing website.
  • Website Maintenance
    • Website maintenance is one of those necessary items that all websites need in order to stay functioning properly.  Websites are made up of a bunch of computer code, software and other stuff that changes on a regular basis.  Code gets updated, software gets updated, etc… and all of these changes can affect how your website functions.  It’s nothing major and most of the time it may not even be noticeable, but if things are left unattended, over time, they can become bigger problems and huge headaches.  The other big item in this is backing up your website files.  Because we’re dealing with technology and as explained in the Hosting section, nothing in this industry is guaranteed 100%.  Backing up your website is crucial in the event that something does happen to one of the servers.  Without having it backed up, it would have to be rebuilt from the ground up, which means a lot of downtime for your customers and a lot of expense to you.  These updates, backups and other things take varying amounts of time, therefore we require all of our websites to carry one of the maintenance packages that will be discussed during your free consultation.
  • Website Evaluation
    • A new service we are offering is website evaluation.  This service is independent of our web design services.  With this service, we will comb through your existing website looking for any broken links, missing pages or other issues with your website as well as offering suggestions on how to make your website more appealing, more functional and/or more user-friendly.  Our belief is that a website which is attractive and easy to navigate, with lots of options for your customer (without overwhelming them) is far more likely to keep customers on your site rather than going to another website.  Contact us to find out more about this service.
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
    • Another key to a successful website is for people to be able to find it.  We use some of the best tools and practices to help search engines find your website.  We can’t always guarantee great search results, but we do our best to help potential customers find you.  There are a lot of things that go into getting good search results, including using keywords, updating your site on a regular basis, using social media among others.  Please keep in mind also, that great search results take time.  We’ll go over some of the tools you’ll need to use and some things we’ll need you to do, in order to get good search results.


  • E-commerce Functionality – sell your products directly from your website.
  • Pop-ups – custom pop-ups for welcoming visitors, exit intent, email opt-ins and more
  • Maps – pinpoint your location to help customers find you
  • Store Locator – help customers find your store closest to them
  • Ad Space – generate revenue by allowing others to advertise on your site
  • Photo Galleries – whether you’re a photographer or want to showcase your products
  • Custom Site Menus – various menu options with sub-pages, footer menus, verticals and more
  • Personalized Terms of Service and Use – you know, those things that people never read, but are important legal documents.
  • Animated Elements – slide ins, flashing, typewriter and so many more.
  • Custom Contact Forms – we can customize countless contact forms for your site and use reCaptcha to help reduce spam comments.
  • Multiple Page Layout Options – full page, side bar, double side bar, vertical header, custom footers and many more.
  • Custom 404 Pages – you know, those pages that pop up when you make a mistake or a page is missing… this

This is just an sampling of some of the customization that we can do on your new website.  Most options are included in the price of building your website, but from time to time, there may be fees associated with a third party on some of these.  Contact us to learn more or to schedule a free consultation.